Luxury Yacht Charter on Ibiza and Formentera


Providing the best Ibiza Yacht Charter Service on the chicest ships, the Top Ten Ibiza Yachts team will assist you with an exquisite level of professionalism and coordination for a wonderful summer holidays on the island. Our experience on the Ibiza luxury yacht charter industry and our knowledge of every beach and every secret spot ensures and amazing way of discovering  the Balearic Islands and delighting your eyes with stunning views of turquoise clear water all around you.

Feel the magic of the White Island visiting the coolest and famous Beach Clubs like Blue Marlin  on your own private yacht charter.  Dance until dawn feeling the beach sand under your feet while enjoying and incredible journey with your friends on the A list places of Ibiza.

There is no better way of getting to know the coastline of Ibiza and Formentera than from your yacht charter, cruising from beach to beach and anchoring on the must be places, that is what we call freedom.

Ibiza yacht for you

Yachts destinations for You…

Yachts destinations for You…

Ibiza and Formentera destinations

Both Ibiza and Formentera are great for enjoying fabulous sea trips and have amazing spots for anchoring. Depending on the sea conditions and the winds, you may choose to navigate and explore either the east or the west shore of both islands.

Normally, the wind blows east in the summer, so you are likely to choose the west coast of Formentera where most of the restaurants are located, there, you will revel in the crystal clear water of its beaches.

Get ready to enjoy an experience beyond boat rental !

an experience beyond boat rental

an experience beyond boat rental

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We aim to provide an experience beyond boat rental by offering outstanding personal attention to each and every client and by creating strong and lasting relationships.
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